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Inspiring Words

“Compassion is the beginning of being: without it everything is chaos.”

M. Fethullah Gulen


Devastation in Japan

We at the Rumi Forum are deeply saddened by the devastation of the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have perished and those who have survived this disastrous event. The Rumi Forum encourages its friends and colleagues to contribute in any way possible to the many aid organizations working to help the people of Japan.

From the Rumi Forum’s Honorary President:

“We extend our compassion and loyalty to the Japanese people, who have always rushed to our aid in times of flood and earthquake in our country, and we want them to know that we stand by them during this difficult time.”

-Fethullah Gulen

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Youth Platform Award Ceremony

The Rumi Forum partnered with the Gulen Institute in Texas to organize an essay competition. More than 600 essays were submitted, from 53 countries around the world and from 35 States around the US. Thirty eight finalists and award winners will take part in an Award’s Ceremony on April 6th at the United States Congress.

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Rumi Forum's Fundraising Dinner

The Rumi Forum has dedicated itself to the ongoing work of intercultural understanding and interfaith dialogue as a means to bring together different world views to work for the betterment of humanity.

In support of our work, numerous volunteers give of their valuable time and dedication, as well as many individuals donating of their wealth to support the service the Forum is providing. On March 1st the Rumi Forum organized a fundraising dinner that brought together friends and supporters of the work and mission of the Rumi Forum to learn more about the Forum’s accomplishments and current goals and programs. Guests enjoyed a traditional Turkish meal and art. The Rumi Forum is enormously grateful for the support of its donors and wishes to thank all those who continue to support us financially and through their time and dedication.


The Illinois General Assembly commends Fethullah Gulen for his dedication to working towards a better world through education, service, tolerance, and the free exchange of ideas.

Quoting: “The members of the Illinois House of Representatives are pleased to recognize Fethullah Gulen for ongoing and inspirational contributions to the promotion of global peace and understanding; A Turkish scholar, author, poet, preacher, and educational activist, Fethullah Gulen has inspired a worldwide social movement that promotes humanistic values and service and is known as the Hizmet Movement or the Gulen Movement…"

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Rumi Forum's President, Emre Celik, presented at American University on two occasions in the month of February. Ambassador Akbar Ahmad, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, and his students hosted Mr. Celik in February to speak on Sufism and the Gulen Movement. Mr. Celik also spoke with Professor Mohammed Abu-Nimer’s class “Global Interfaith Dialogue” at American University.

In addition, Mr. Celik spoke to the Rotary Club of Washington, DC on the mission of the Rumi Forum and the Gulen Movement. As part of its education and outreach programming, the Rumi Forum regularly presents on issues of intercultural dialogue and social harmony at various universities, institutions and organizations.

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Some Quotes from luncheon guest speakers

"Supporting and Encouraging Communities to Become Involved in School Reform" with Dr. Kenneth Bedell

“Faith based organizations should enter into the discussion to bring values and dialogue to that discussion, to participate at the level of a school board or even in the classroom. Not just critiquing, but participating in the determination of how it is that we move forward to make sure every child will learn in a full and broad curriculum.”

"How the Outcome in Egypt Could Affect the U.S. Role and Influence in the Middle East" with Steven Clemons

“Often times when you see good movements, bad movements can trail along and this is where things get tough in places like Yemen and Sudan, and other parts where these kind of neat lines don’t work quite as well . . .

Particularly, once you see the swelling of protests the size of what we saw in Egypt there is a point at which it’s very clear that the legitimacy of the State is gone, even if they don’t succeed, and I think its responsible and important for countries like the United States and Europe and others to basically say that a transition is called for . . .”

"Yes, I Would Love another Cup of Tea: An American Woman's Letters to Turkey" by Katharine Branning

“When you look at the world, within our daily lives, especially when you go into other cultures you must always have that ‘I’ that says ‘I am going to try to look at this culture with as clear a view as I can, not try to bring my luggage with me.’ That’s what I did.”

“Political Effects of the New Media” with Dr. Catie Snow Bailard

“The point to remember is not always the case that the internet is going to reset that threshold point well enough to actually produce political behavior. Even if it does, there is no guarantee that internet motivated behavior will always result in actual political change.”

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Supporting and Encouraging Communities to Become Involved in School Reform with Dr. Kenneth Bedell

February 17th, 2011
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How the Outcome in Egypt Could Affect the U.S. Role and Influence in the Middle East with Steven Clemons

February 16th, 2011
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Interfaith Cooperation to Feed the Hungry with Mr. Max Finberg

January 25th, 2011

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Interfaith/Intercultural dialogue: a First Priority in the 21st Century with Bishop John Bryson Chane

January 20th, 2011
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Sufism And Its Origins

Sufism (tasawwuf) is the path followed by Sufis (adherents of Islamic mysticism) to reach the Truth-God. While this term usually expresses the theoretical or philosophical aspect of this search, its practical aspect is usually referred to as "being a dervish."

Sufism has been defined in many ways. Some see it as God's annihilating the individual's ego, will, and self-centredness and then reviving him spiritually with the lights of His Essence so that he may live according to His will. Others view it as a continuous striving to cleanse one's self of all that is bad or evil in order to acquire virtue.

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A Turkish citizen spreads a message of love and coexistence from the US
Fethullah Gülen is a name that was discovered by the world media only recently. He and the vast education network operating throughout the world that sympathizes with his thoughts received the attention of Western intellectuals primarily because he was seen as the antithesis of radical Islam. Gülen, though, does not have a dialectic view of history and does not want to be labeled 'anti' anything.

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Turkish Olympiad:
MAFTAA is organizing the 2011 Turkish Olympiad Finals which hopes to bring together students interested in Turkish language and culture in a finals competition where participants will compete in Turkish song, poetry recital and folk dance.

The Rumi Forum is a member organization of MAFTAA (Mid-Atlantic Federation of Turkic American Associations) and supports its activities across the DC metro area and the surrounding Mid-Atlantic States in which it is active. For more information on the 2011 Turkish Olympiad Finals please visit, and for more information about MAFTAA visit

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Rumi Forum now accepts donation through a new service via Paypal. The Rumi Forum, a NGO that is a non-profit exempt organization under section 501 (C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code exists by way of contributions, donations and the volunteers that enable it to provide numerous services to better society at large. Your contributions are appreciated and play an important part in the Rumi Forum increasing social harmony and understanding.


Turkish Classes

Learn Turkish in Washington, DC! Experienced teachers are offering Turkish Language Classes at the Rumi Forum in Washington, DC. If you are looking for Turkish lessons in the DC Metropolitan Area, Rumi Forum is the right place to begin. There are three terms in a year

Turkish language classes are open to everyone who is interested.
The classes are arranged based on the number of students interested in at any level.
Our teachers are using a Turkish Language Book Set written in Turkish.

For the intensive program: A four-hour class per week and eight classes in a month.

Intensive Turkish Classes:

Classes : April 4 th-May 27th 2011 
(for 8 weeks/32 hours)

Cost: $300
Text Book: $30

For further queries and application form please email:

Visit the 'Learn Turkish' blog


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Rumi Forum Internship Program

We are now accepting applications for our summer, fall  and winder 2010 internship program.

Eligibility: All undergraduate and master’s-level students and J.D. and Ph.D. candidates as well as recent graduates are eligible to apply.

Application Process: In order to apply for a Rumi Forum Internship, please submit the following:

· Cover Letter and Resume

· College or University Transcript

· 2-3 References (please provide both the phone and email contact information and please include a Professor or other individual familiar with your work)

Winter: January to March.
Spring: March to May.
Fall: September to December.

*starting dates are flexible

Please send materials via email to 

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